Phu Quoc
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Phu Quoc beaches

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Phu Quoc has beautiful tropical beaches ('bai' in vietnamese) around the island. The longest and most popular is Long Beach (Bai Truong) in the west south of the city of Duong Dong. Other nice beaches are Bai Dai in the northwest, Bai Sao (Star Beach) and Bai Khem in the southeast and Bai Ong Lang in the west north of Duong Dong.

Bai Truong - Long Beach

What a beautiful beach ! The northern part of Bai Truong (Long Beach) begins only a few meters south of Duong Dong and is most probably one of the best beaches in south east asia. Golden yellow fine and tidy sand, coconut palm trees, blue sea and phantastic sunsets. What do you wish more ? In addition, nice resorts and restaurants are located along the beach. The sea is mostly calm and clean during the dry season. There is no noisy motor watersports yet. So this place is optimal for relaxing and watching the fishing boats passing by. And it is not far to visit the city of Duong Dong at night or do some shopping or eating out along the main road. Many new guesthouses and small resorts have been built in the last years, offering unexpensive and nice bungalows or rooms apart from the beachfront.

Bai Truong, Phu Quoc Bai Truong, Phu Quoc

The central part of this more than 20 km long beach has gotten some beautiful new and luxury beach resorts as well as good restaurants and small beach bars. The beach itself improved much and is now a clean and nice stretch of sand.
The south of Bai Truong is still untouched and very natural, although there opened some new luxury hotels and residences. Fishermen families are still living here and several pearl farms are growing and selling their pearls. One can watch the pearl growings right in front of the beach, where the sea is just some meters deep.

Very good beach resorts are: Richis Beach Resort - La Veranda Resort - Salinda Beach Resort

Bai Ong Lang

Some kilometers north of Duong Dong there are a few sandy bays with small beaches, called Ong Lang beach. It is very quiet and remote here, not much infrastructure and only small bungalow resorts. It seems to be a perfect hideaway for people seeking silence and isolation.
In the last two years some nice beach resorts have been built and the choice is now quite attractive. It needs appr. 15 minutes to Duong Dong by using a car or motorcycle.

Bai Ong Lang, Phu Quoc Bai Cua Can, Phu Quoc

Bai Cua Can

This untouched two kilometer long beach stretches south of the small village of Cua Can. It is not so easy to reach from the main road, since there are not many resorts and no streets leading to the beach. Only at the northern tip of Cua Can beach you can find some smaller resorts. One of them is "Chez Carole" with a fine dining restaurant, a very nice view over the bay and the whole beach and the mountains in the background (see photo obove). Its a half an hour drive to Duong Dong. In 2018 the new Mövenpick Resort will open at Cua Can Beach.

Bai Vung Bau

A short and narrow beach with no infrastructure and only one resort some kilometers northwest of Cua Can.

Bai Dai

A nearly 6 km long sandy paradise beach in the northwest of Phu Quoc. The natural beauty of this beach has often been reported. The sea is turquoise blue and there are spectacular sunsets. Till now the beach is alomost unspoiled, although three luxury beach front hotels have been opened recently. And a golf course, a casino and a wild llife park will make this location a busy place in the future. There is no doubt, that Bai Dai will be one of the best holiday spots on Phu Quoc in the future.

Bai Thom

Extremely remote and natural sandy beach in the north east of Phu Quoc, hidden behind the mountains of the national park. Coming from Duong Dong, you need a while to drive there using the gravel road through the jungle. A wonderful experience if you are lucky with the weather and the tires of your motorcycle. There is no infrastructure at Bai Thom.

Bai Vong

Very small and dirty beach south of the village of Ham Ninh Some bigger piers are located here. Not a good holiday place untill now.

Bai Bien Ganh Dau

This small sandy bay is located west of the village of Ganh Dau in the northwest. There is no resort yet, but some nice and simple eafood restaurants.

Bai Ganh Dau

A small strip of sandy beach stretches east of Ganh Dau village, covered with trees and coconut palm trees. The sea is very shallow and in the distance one can see the borders of cambodia in the north. Nice Peppercorn Beach Resort is located here.

Bai Sao, Phu Quoc Bai Sao, Phu Quoc

Bai Sao - Star Beach

Phantastic bay in the south east of the island with snow white sand and turquoise blue sea, some palm trees and just small backpacker guesthouses till now. A must see, although there are two downsides: sand flies and water motorsports.

Bai Khem

Just south of Bai Sao, Bai Khem has the same beauty, but had been absolutely unspoiled till 2015, because it was a military restricted area and strictly not accessable. But the government decided to open it for tourism. Since then a huge construction of hotels had started in the southern part, while the northern part is still untouched. JW Marriott Emerald Bay has opened for guests early 2017.

Phu Quoc tropical-travel-photos

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