Phu Quoc
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Attractions and activities on Phu Quoc

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The offer of activities and attractions is still not as manifold as on other comparable tourist islands. Phu Quoc is well known for its pepper, fish sauce and black pearls. All of this can be visited and bought. Pearl farms lay along the southern Long Beach and invite tourists every morning. Pearls can be bought or just watched. Other attractions have just been built or are under construction.

Pearlfarm, Phu Quoc Pearlfarm, Phu Quoc

Vinpearl safari and holiday fun park

Vinpearl is a big vietnamese company that owns most of the area at Bai Dai beach in the northwest. They have built two huge hotels, a casino, two golf courses and a holiday park with safari tours for watching wild animals like lions, tigers, kangaroos, elephants or giraffes. This park offers holiday fun for kids and adults, who like to spent their time in an entertainment arena with carussels, water slides and other attractions.

Night squid fishing

A pleasant fun activity for an evening is a boat dinner with squid fishing. Success is not guaranteed (you must be very patient), but there maybe fun with a small group coming together for talking and eating on the boat. The boat leave the harbour of Duong Dong before sunset and returns after the fishing experience and the simple dinner after about two hours.

squid fishing, Phu Quoc night fishing, Phu Quoc

Diving and snorkeling

Agencies offer boat trips to the An Thoi archipelago in the south of Phu Quoc. There are many small and unspoiled islands and snorkeling and diving there is very nice. The sea is up to 60m deep and cristal clear with plenty of colorful fishes and corals.


Most of the north of Phu Quoc is protected in a big national park named Vuon Quoc Gia. The mountainious area of 314 sqkm is covered with tropical rainforest around 603m high Mount Chua. Most of the park is still undiscovered and there are only a few roads and pathways into the jungle. Wild animals can be watched and fishing in clear mountain lakes is possible. Guided tours can be booked for a jungle trecking to the waterfalls and lakes.

Motorbikes and bicycles

Discovering the island on its own by motorbikes and bicycles is easy but not without risk. The roads have been improved and paved now, but traffic has increased and there is still a lot of construction going on with heavy trucks on the raods. But nevertheless some short tours along the beaches or into the nationalpark are possible. Since the island is quite large, motorbike tours starting from Duong Dong to the north or the south need 60 minutes or more for one way. And is advisable not to drive alone.


Snce 2016 two golf courses have opened to public in the northwest, belonging to Vinpearl hotels. The location is beautifuland the courses are quite challenging.

Ropeway cable car

Since 2016 a cable car is under construction, that will connect the small islands of the An Thoi archipelago with the coast of An Thoi village. With nearly 8 Km it will be the longest cable car in southeast asia. It should become one of the major tourist attractions on Phu Quoc.

Phu Quoc tropical-travel-photos

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